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Customer Care

At Floyd Australia our Customer support team is dedicated to providing 100% commitment for all customer enquiries. If you have an enquiry regarding this website or you just want more information about our products and services then either contact us direct on the company details provided or please fill out our contact us form, then press submit, and a friendly customer support team member will reply to your enquiry.

What You Need to Know About Calibration

Taking care of your instruments such as pressure gauges and industrial thermometers is vital to collecting correct measurements, and with good quality calibration, inspection, and repair services, you can ensure that you get accurate data.


To understand the importance of calibration we break down the key components of the service, and what you need to know.


What is Calibration? 

Calibration is a comparison between a known measurement and the measurement using your own equipment. The aim of calibration is to minimize any measurement uncertainty by ensuring the accuracy of test equipment and to quantify and control errors or uncertainties within measurement processes. This is applicable to pressure gauges or any temperature instruments.


To ensure pressure gauge and industrial thermometer performs to the best of their ability and give you the results you need, preventative maintenance and calibration is essential. By completing preventative maintenance services, include includes calibration, you can help extend the lifetime of your equipment and save yourself in future costs.


Why Calibrate?

Having correct and reliable pressure gauge and thermometer measurements are non-negotiable for high-quality industrial production. Keeping your equipment in working order and ensuring you get accurate results are some of the main reasons why you should calibrate, but a few more include:

  • To meet ISO900
  • To obtain traceability
  • To meet official regulations
  • To optimize quality
  • To save energy
  • To achieve optimum machine performance
  • To minimize reprocessing costs
  • To reduce unexpected repairs
  • To reduce waste of raw materials

When to Calibrate?

Depending on the type of pressure gauge or thermometer you have, its use, and its importance, calibration services can be completed each month, quarterly, every six months or annually. You will need to weigh up the balance between risk and cost, as the shorter the amount of time between calibrations the lower the risk of inaccurate measurements.


Floyd Australia Can Assist with All Your Calibration Needs

The experienced team at Floyd Australia has been providing calibration services to a range of clients from a variety of industries for more than 80 years. Located in the heart of Melbourne Australia, we have the knowledge and skill to ensure that your equipment is at its highest working capacity and perform in-house maintenance and repairs, as well as preventive maintenance programs and calibrations.


Our expert calibration technicians can provide you with an on-site calibration solution completed to the manufacturer's specifications and in compliance with NATA endorsed and ISO standards. If you would like to know more about calibration, or other services we provide, get in touch with our team today.