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Customer Care

At Floyd Australia our Customer support team is dedicated to providing 100% commitment for all customer enquiries. If you have an enquiry regarding this website or you just want more information about our products and services then either contact us direct on the company details provided or please fill out our contact us form, then press submit, and a friendly customer support team member will reply to your enquiry.



The market for heating, air-conditioning and ventilation technology is changing, and with it, the demands on the versatility and quality of the individual components. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are procedures that include indoor temperature control activities for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. It includes boiler management, chiller optimization, air systems, clean room environmental control, and more. As HVAC consumers grow more aware of their energy use and its impact on society, equipment vendors are being pushed to meet tighter efficiency and safety criteria.


Floyd Australia covers a full line of mechanical pressure and temperature instrumentation to control and monitor applications such as; Boilers, Gas thermal units, Air-conditioning systems, Heat pumps, Solar collectors, and Ventilation systems.


HVAC Applications: Boilers, Gas thermal units, Air-conditioning systems, Heat pumps, Solar collectors, Ventilation systems 



 Brass Pressure Gauge

Light Industrial Pressure Gauges

The Floyd range of Light Industrial gauges are intended for general industrial conditions, used with pressure or vacuum applications where the measured medium does not corrode brass. These gauges cover a wide variety of ranges from full vacuum to 40,000 kPa (6,000 psi) and are available with brass or black steel cases in the bottom, rear or surface mounting.

This range of Floyd Pressure Gauges combines an aesthetic design offering reliability and performance for light industrial applications and is an ideal solution for general pressure measurement.

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Industrial Pressure Gauges

Floyd Australia Industrial Pressure Gauges are specifically designed to meet the stringent demands of any industrial application. Suitable for all applications where accuracy, repeatability and long-term stability are of importance. They can be used for liquid or gaseous substances within non-corrosive applications where the medium will not attack brass or bronze.

Ideally suited to harsh environmental conditions, due to the stainless steel case, which can be supplied dry or liquid-filled when protection is required against pulsation and or vibration.

Standard scales are offered in either single scale kPa or dual kPa/PSI but also can be modified to suit your special requirements from different scales, coloured sectors, purpose wording, logos and red lines.

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Heavy Duty Pressure Gauges


Our range of full Stainless Steel pressure gauges offers superior quality and reliability.

Suitable for corrosive applications where the medium will not attack stainless steel. Ideally suited to harsh environmental conditions, due to the all stainless steel construction, which can be supplied dry or if protection is required against pulsation and or vibration these gauges can be supplied liquid filled. An ideal solution for any harsh environment pressure measurement application.

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Low-Pressure Gauges


Low-pressure gauges are operated by a capsule system and are only suitable for use on air and some gases. Capsule pressure ranges from -2.5-0 kPa up to 0-60 kpa pressure or vacuum. Offered with stainless steel casing and brass connections for the use on the non-corrosive application, but can be offered with stainless steel wetted parts on request. Dial sizes available are 63mm, 100mm and 150mm.

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Refrigeration Gauges


This service applies to pressure and temperature gauges, for use on industrial refrigeration equipment and can be offered to suit all refrigeration gases. Supplied with dual scales, inner pressure in black and the outer temperature in red. Can be offered in dry steel cases or stainless steel glycerine filled to protect against pulsation and vibration. Normally supplied in two different mountings, surface mount with a back flange and flush with a 3 hole fixing front flange. Dial sizes 63mm and 100mm

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Machine Glass Thermometers

Since their invention, SIKA  V- Form Machine Glass Thermometers have been the very embodiment of robustness, reliability, and accuracy. They are indispensable in marine engineering, mechanical and plant engineering, as well as heating and air conditioning technology. The advantages of a glass thermometer over other thermometers such as dial thermometers or electronic versions are obvious: no mechanically moving parts, no material fatigue, no electrical energy requirement, but a high level of accuracy and very long service life. In other words, as long as a glass thermometer is not mechanically destroyed, it remains accurate.

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Bimetal Thermometers

Bimetal thermometers are made from stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant material, so they withstand rust/chemical attacks and tough industrial use. The stem, plug, and connection of bimetallic thermometers are fused together and sealed to the head making them hermetically sealed. Temperature ranges from minus 50 up to 550 Degree C, with stem lengths from 63mm up to 2 meters.

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Floyd Australia is your go-to destination for a wide range of pressure gauges and industrial thermometers for Reotemp bimetal thermometers and more.
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