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At Floyd Australia our Customer support team is dedicated to providing 100% commitment for all customer enquiries. If you have an enquiry regarding this website or you just want more information about our products and services then either contact us direct on the company details provided or please fill out our contact us form, then press submit, and a friendly customer support team member will reply to your enquiry.

Oil & Gas


This industry includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, and transportation of petroleum products. It is usually divided into two major components: upstream and downstream.

Floyd Australia manufactures & supplies a variety of pressure and temperature instruments, which are used in both upstream and downstream applications. This market is known for high-pressure applications, which commonly produce process pressures of 10,000psi +. Diaphragm seals are often used to protect pressure instruments (pressure gauges, transmitters, & switches) from high pressures, pulsation, and corrosion.

The oil/gas industry has several critical requirements for the process in order to prevent moisture, corrosion, inefficient fuel usage, and not least order to meet official safety regulations. Especially differential pressure is a very important factor in measuring gas flow through pipelines, and pressure at compressor stations, but also deviations in the temperature flow have a great impact on the performance and costs.


Floyd Australia Instruments for the Oil & Gas Industry

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The Importance of Oil and Gas Measurement and Monitoring Instruments

The goal of oil and gas institutions is to reduce operating expenses while fulfilling regulatory standards. Implementing dependable measuring and monitoring technologies, such as temperature and pressure gauges, in oil and gas equipment or systems, is one way to achieve both aims. Plant engineers and operators can use these devices to monitor and track temperature, pressure, and other essential operating parameter values to identify when system upgrades or alterations are needed to achieve top performance.